TURNING wood into a wonderful business is Paul Hannaby.

We took time out to chat to Paul about his brilliant business.

What is your full name?

Paul Hannaby

What is the name and address of your business?

Paul Hannaby Creative Woodturning

Windrush, High Street, Drybrook GL17 9ET

Website: www.creative-woodturning.com

What do you sell / service provide?

Decorative and functional turned wood; architectural and commercial work; tuition and demonstrations (in person and online).

What is your best selling item?

Lessons seem to be top of the list at the moment but salad bowls, clocks and barometers are popular.

How did you get into wood turning?

It started as a hobby - it was something I wanted to have a go at after getting to know a couple of woodturners so I bought a cheap second hand lathe and it took off from there.

Where do you source your material from (wood)?

Some is sourced locally from trees being felled in gardens - I cut them up myself. Some I buy from sawmills and wood suppliers and some from other woodturners (we all seem to turn in to wood collectors!).

What is the weirdest thing you have been asked for?

Some small bird perches for a taxidermist; a pair of 6 feet long knitting needles; door knobs for a vintage Rolls Royce; various parts (knobs, legs etc.) for vintage/antique furniture.

What is this area like for a business to operate in?

For me it works reasonably well but most of my customers are in other parts of the UK. I have also sold my work to a number of overseas customers.

Something else that might be of interest - I have been invited to demonstrate at the "Encontro de Torneiros de Madeira" in Xermades, north west Spain in September.