OUR Trader of the Week is a bit different this week - a psychic healer from Ross on Wye.

Lorna Marshall's journey started when she was on a ghost hunt years ago.

She had a calling and has since been treating people with healing and readings ever since.

We spoke to Lorna about her business:

What is your name?

Lorna Marshall

Where is your business based?

I am based in Ross On Wye Herefordshire , unit 4 Wolf Business park, Alton Road , HR95NB

What services do you offer?

I am a Angelic Healer Practitioner, Holistic Therapist and Psychic medium, the services I am offering people are 1 hour session with me whether people feel the call to have a reading or to relax in a calm environment to have healing , there are many forms of healing I can offer, using crystals, colour, angelic, pass lives , water , EDINA , Spiritual and more.

How much is a treatment?

My prices range from 40 to 45 pounds, I do have a offer on at present , to have both healing and a mini reading for £60

How did you get into the business?

I started my journey about 6 years ago , it started when I went on a ghost hunt , I could not understand why I could see spirit, I then went to have a reading myself,which opened me up to my spiritual life ,a few years ago I got asked to do some live events on Facebook, which I do on a regular basis, my guides always told me I was going to go out and start my own business up , through the years I would try different things like cards , healing , crystals, the universe showed me I can do anything,,, helping people with stress , people who suffer with pain , I work as a channel, I know I have helped so many people, the young, the old , even mediums

Who can you help?

I know through the years we all have suffered, gone through Covid, I am not a doctor but if I can give the time, and my energy to help others I will, people find it strange that I can see people that have past over , or even know I can see pain in themselves, I am very different to others.

What is Herefordshire like as a place to do business in?

I am so proud of who I am. I have lived in Ross on Wye many years , I do love the surroundings areas like Ledbury ,,, I feel safe , I know if I needed help I could speak to anyone, I am proud of my roots, Ledbury is a beautiful town, I would be honoured to help the people of Ledbury.

I have my own page on Facebook ,,,, moonlight Healing with Lorna , also Instagram and TikTok. I work on appointments only.