AS the time nears for Ledbury Carnival the small organising committee are beginning to wonder where last few months have gone.

We are already going to begin our fortnightly meetings to check over and finalise all the plans.

There seems so much still to do !! No doubt we'll do it, we always do!!! This is when we try to pick up on anything we've missed.

Paperwork, you'd never believe how much, all needs to be checked and double checked, and that's all after proof-reading the programme over and over.

Correcting any mistakes, adding Adverts and adding new entertainments.

Raffle Tickets are now on order ready for us to start selling tickets next weekend.

Pop round by the Market House and invest just a £1 for the chance to win the main prize of £100 cash.

Free programmes will also be available.

We will be by the Market House every Saturday until Carnival Day. Programmes will also be available in many of the Town Centre Shops and Cafes.

The traders in town will be starting their bright and cheerful window displays soon, making the town look inviting for everyone. They seem to get better every year as they compete to win a silver trophy. With cash prizes for the first 3 places there is fierce competition to create a display to stand out among the rest.

Judges always comment on how difficult it is to choose a winner as there are such a vast

range of ideas to each interpret each theme we throw at them.

Its a wonder the traders don't lock their doors and hide behind the counters when they see one of us coming towards them, with a sheet of paper in hand. Competition entry forms, requests for Raffle prizes, add a card with a random letter for one of our programme competitions or help create a treasure trail for another. To be fair to them, they are very supportive and happy to get involved.