Brits heading to UK beaches this summer have been issued an urgent warning over a creature known to make “grown men cry”.

Beach-goers are being urged to keep an eye out for the venomous weever fish.

The sea creature hides in sand and is capable of unleashing a venomous sting via a spike on its back.

Large numbers have reportedly washed up on UK shores following unprecedented 40c temperatures sparking a warning from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI).

RNLI warning to UK beach-goers

Beau Gillet, an RNLI lifeguard supervisor, said: "I have seen grown men cry and children hardly affected. It really depends on the size of the fish, how you step on it and how your body reacts to the venom.

"Weever fish stings can be really painful but they affect everyone differently. The severity of a weever fish sting really depends on how you stand on it. If you stand directly onto the fish’s spinal fin, it causes the most pain.

"You can avoid the fish either by wearing wetsuit or swimming shoes to protect your foot or by dragging your feet along the sand as you walk. This movement disrupts the sand and scares any nearby fish away.”

Beau added: "If you are stung by a weever fish, the best thing to do is come up to the lifeguard unit. We can treat a sting by placing the affected area into hot water.

“This breaks up the venom and usually after around 10 minutes, the pain will ease. We’ll then monitor you for a short while just in case you experience any allergic reaction.

"We advise that you always visit a lifeguarded beach when coming to the coast as we are equipped to deal with any incident or emergency and provide the safest cover for sunbathers, swimmers and water sports enthusiasts."