Rishi Sunak has visited Ledbury as he continues his campaign to become the UK’s next prime minister.

The former chancellor attended a private Conservative Party rally held at Ledbury Rugby Club on Tuesday (August 2).

Mr Sunak is battling it out with foreign secretary Liz Truss in the final round of the Tory leadership contest.

Gloucestershire county councillor Philip Robinson was among the Conservative Party members at the Ledbury event.

“It was such a pleasure to meet Rishi Sunak in Ledbury and to hear more about his vision for our United Kingdom,” said Cllr Robinson.

Ledbury Reporter: Rishi Sunak and Philip Robinson at a Tory party rallyRishi Sunak and Philip Robinson at a Tory party rally

“I've long admired his competence, his honesty and his integrity, but what struck me last night was his humility - a rare quality in politicians. It's certainly lacking in his opponent.

“Rishi's way with politics isn’t to say what sounds good. He doesn’t shirk taking the difficult road, the road less travelled. He doesn’t run away from trying to land an unpopular message. He tells the truth. In short, he’s authentic, the real deal. And he can be assured of my vote in this leadership contest.”

Also at the Ledbury rally was Forest of Dean MP Mark Harper, who has already announced his support for Mr Sunak.

Ledbury MP Bill Wiggin, who was rumoured to be standing for Tory leader at the beginning of the contest, hasn’t publicly announced who he is backing.

Sunak's plan to fix ambulance queues

Mr Sunak, the MP for Richmond in Yorkshire, has this week said he will widen the definition of extremism to include “those with an extreme hatred of our country” if he becomes prime minister.

And last week on a visit to the Cotswolds, he told the Worcester News he had a plan to stop long queues of ambulances forming outside Worcester’s A&E department.

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“I have put a detailed plan online about how to get to grips with the NHS backlogs cause it's unacceptable that people are deprived of the treatment they need,” he said.

“My plan will ensure we can get the backlog down quicker. One of the things I have said today that I want to do is to tackle missed appointments.

“Millions of appointments are missed every year and that is depriving people of the care that they desperately need.”