The landlord of a Ledbury pub has vowed to continue hosting live music despite a complaint about “nuisance” noise.

A complaint about loud music at the Talbot Hotel in New Street was made to Ledbury Town Council after a weekend of live music held in tribute to former landlord Andy Ward.

Richard Jennings, the manager of the New Street pub, said he is happy to work with authorities but isn’t going to stop providing a venue for local bands.

“Someone complained to Ledbury Town Council about noise after Andy Fest,” he said.

“We had a letter on August 2 from Herefordshire Council saying there had been a complaint about live music causing a nuisance.

Ledbury Reporter: Ledbury band Nice n Sleazy at Andy FestLedbury band Nice n Sleazy at Andy Fest

“It’s a shame, we put the event on in memory of Andy, who had live music at the Talbot for years. I don’t know what’s changed.”

Mr Jennings said he was disappointed that neither the complainant nor a council representative had come and spoken to him face-to-face.

“It’s just a bit frustrating that people won’t just come and talk to me,” he said.

Talbot Hotel plans more live music and cinema nights

“We’ve had two years of lockdowns, of people having peace and quiet, but businesses are trying to get back on their feet - that’s what we’re doing - and it’s difficult, things have changed.”

Councils must look into complaints about noise that could be a statutory nuisance. The Environmental Protection Act defines this as noise that is “likely to injure health” or “unreasonably or substantially interferes with the use or enjoyment of a home or other premises”.

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“We’re happy to work with the powers that be to get it right,” said Mr Jennings. “We’re certainly not going to stop hosting live music.

“It’s probably only twice a month and by 11pm it’s done, it’s not going on until all hours.

“The volume and bass needs to be below a certain level. I’ve even bought a noise meter so I can measure it - I’m trying to be as diligent as I can.”

Mr Jennings, who wants to make Andy Fest an annual event, said the Talbot is hosting more live music over the bank holiday weekend and is planning community cinema events for the winter months.