THE laying of new water mains in the Ashperton area has unearthed extensive evidence of Ancient Roman settlement.

The most significant finds were made last summer by a team of archaeologists called into investigate.

The Border Archaeology team from Leominster excavated the remains of at least 18 bodies in a field at Stretton Grandison.

At 7.30pm on Tuesday, April 29 a special public presentation in Ashperton Village Hall will discuss the finds and throw fresh light on the area's Roman and Dark Age past.

One oak coffin was one of the best examples ever found in Britain.

It contained a tall, middle-aged man with osteoarthritis.

A second less well-preserved coffin provided evidence of a bizarre Roman ritual known as feeding the dead"

Part of the lid had been cut away, exposing the head, and a channel had been cut into the grave.

Border Archaeology think that pipe from the surface to the mouth of the corpse would have carried food and drink during annual festivals of the dead.

The headless body of a teenager was also found.

This was a Dark Age burial, dating from 550 AD to 660 AD.

The Romans Legions are believed to have been pulled out of Britain in 410 AD.