Parents in Ledbury are being offered help to get their children kitted out for school.

With the cost of living continuing to soar, two schools in the town are making second-hand uniform available to families.

Ledbury Primary School has a range of shirts, trousers, dresses and more available for £1 an item, while John Masefield High School has donated a load of uniform to Ledbury Food Bank.

Julie Rees, headteacher at Ledbury Primary School, said she was delighted by the response of parents, many of whom had donated items of uniform.

“It has been extremely well supported and appreciated,” she said of the new initiative.

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“If parents bring in a donation, they can exchange it for another piece of uniform. Parents have welcomed this service at a time when budgets are pressurised. 

“Any new child who joins our Reception class in September 2023 will get a new jumper and tie when they join Ledbury Primary School. This is a new initiative approved by the governing board.”

Andy Collard, deputy headteacher at John Masefield, said: “Over the summer we had this growing concern over the cost of living crisis and school uniform is a part of that.

“Our uniform actually only costs about 40% of the national average but with food prices, fuel and energy bills all going up, it is just another burden for families.

Ledbury Food Bank increases opening hours

“The Food Bank is incredibly busy at the moment - so much so they’ve extended their opening hours - and have already had several enquiries from parents about uniform.

“So we put the message out to parents that we wanted more second-hand uniform and we were inundated - the response was genuinely touching.

“It’s all good quality - you wouldn’t even know it’s second-hand - and the kids are passionate about recycling and reusing so it works from that point of view as well.

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“It’s a privilege to support the food bank and if it helps the community and parents, then it’s a win for everyone.”

Ledbury Food Bank has extended its opening hours and can now be visited on Thursday evenings between 6pm and 8pm, as well as 10am-12pm Wednesday and Friday.

It is based at Unit 1 of The Homend Trading Estate.