RICHARD Hammond has revealed his "genius" plan to take his Hereford car restoration business to the next level.

The TV presenter, who opened the Smallest Cog in Rotherwas last year, wants to start racing in order to reach new customers.

In a DriveTribe video where Hammond gave a tour of his secret car barn, the 52-year-old showed off his 1972 MGB GT – the last car he ever drove on Top Gear.


During the final episode of the BBC motoring show that Richard Hammond, James May and Jeremy Clarkson were part of, the trio addressed classic cars.

Hammond chose the MG because he feels it is one of the best classic cars, but until that point had not driven one. In the video, he said he felt it was "the most spectacular little car".

Now he wants to use that car to take his business to a "new level" as part of "quite a big plan".


Hammond, who lives in Weston-under-Penyard in Ross-on-Wye, said he doesn't know a more passionate group of classic car enthusiasts than people who race.

So he was going to take the MGB GT racing as team Smallest Cog.

"I want to take the Smallest Cog to a new level, my workshop, I need to put it in front of people that have an interest in classic cars, passionate owners and people who need work done on their cars," he said, adding he wants to get to know other enthusiasts.


The plan is that when someone crashes their car, Hammond will hand them a business card.

He said that then, hopefully, the car can be sent off to the Smallest Cog, which Hammond runs with the Greenhouse family, to be repaired.

Once the team has straightened the car back out, it will probably be crashed again so the Smallest Cog will once again repair it.

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"That's my genius plan," Hammond said.

Richard Hammond’s Workshop series two will premiere exclusively on discovery+ on Monday, October 17.