A popular burger brand that often visits Ledbury is offering free kids meals at its restaurants.

Throughout November, The Beefy Boys is giving away a free kids meal with every adult burger ordered at its venues in Hereford and Shrewsbury.

Announcing the offer on social media, The Beefy Boys said it was doing it “due to the cost of living crisis”, adding “so grab the little sprogs and bring them down”.

The Beefy Boys were at the Oak Inn at Staplow on Sunday for a Halloween party that also saw Divine Donuts offering sweet treats and DJ Ritchie Palmer providing the music.

And if you can’t make it to Hereford to eat in the restaurant, there are other chances to grab a Beefy Boys burger in the Ledbury area coming up.

On Thursday, November 3, the boys will be at the Royal Oak in Much Marcle from 4pm until late. A day later, they’ll be at the British Legion in Colwall, again from 4pm onwards.

The Beefy Boys hit the headlines last week after jokingly banning actor and presenter James Corden from its restaurant.

Who is on The Beefy Boys banned list?

After being accused of “bullying” online, the company doubled down and added more people to its barred list.

It now includes Russian president Vladimir Putin, Harry Potter's Lord Voldermort, comic supervillain Lex Luther and people who have ketchup with roast dinners.

Moaners, lollygaggers (people who dawdle), the entire cast of BBC sitcom Mrs Browns Boys and "that kid that borrowed my copy of Mario Kart in year 8 and never gave it back" are now also barred.

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Interior designer and TV presenter Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, the UK's shortest-serving Prime Minister Liz Truss and "the bad CGI Sonic The Hedgehog" are now also no longer welcome.

The Beefy Boys has also banned the writers of the last episode of TV drama Game of Thrones, anyone that says “doggos” for dogs and Tim Martin, "that bloke that owns Wetherspoons".

People that don’t wave back when you let them through in your car, Thanos from Marvel, Hans Gruber from the film Die Hard, Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe franchise, Grotbags from the 1990s children's TV show and singer Bono are also now all banned.