Authorities are to look at improving road signage around Ledbury after a lorry got stuck in The Homend.

The Tesco lorry got stuck trying to exit Knapp Lane onto The Homend on Monday evening (October 31), blocking the road for several hours.

The incident sparked debate online as to whether there is enough signage around Ledbury to make HGV drivers aware of vehicle weight limits in the town centre.

Ledbury Reporter: The lorry caused the road to be closed for several hoursThe lorry caused the road to be closed for several hours (Image: Kyle Dennis)

Ledbury Town Council said it is are aware that vehicles that exceed the permitted weight limits “regularly ignore” road signs located on the outskirts of the town advising drivers not to enter the town centre.

“Whilst this does not fall under the remit of the town council, we are currently working with the police and highways on ways improved signage could be provided so as to avoid such incidents as this happening in the future,” said a spokesperson.

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“We would ask that if you witness artic vehicles, or heavy tractors travelling through the town unnecessarily and you are able to get photographic evidence, that you share this with us so that we can work with local companies in making sure their drivers are aware of the rules and avoid the town centre wherever possible.”

A number of residents have questioned online whether the town's existing signage is good enough to inform HGV drivers as they enter Ledbury.

Resident Edd Hogan said: "There are several signs on Cut Throat Lane, including at the junction with the A449.

"The signs are not lit and are old with some font worn. It was dark and raining at the time too. Signage could therefore be improved at minimal cost."

Others have debated why the driver had attempted to make the tight turn, even if their sat nav had sent them in that direction.

It has even been suggested that Knapp Lane is made into a one-way street in order to minimise future incidents.