THERE has been another near miss on a dangerous stretch of a Herefordshire road with local spotting skid marks on the road.

Noakes Farm Riding Centre, based off the A44 near Bromyard, previously said it was concerned over the speed of vehicles heading towards Leominster.

Bredenbury Group Parish Council minutes from August 31's meeting said Mr and Mrs D Barrett of Noakes Farm said those vehicles did not heed the corners or the access to their farm.


The riding centre raised concerns over the number of crashes and near misses and said the most recent saw a vehicle written off having been hit from behind as the vehicle was waiting to turn.

Minutes said there were no major injuries but the passenger, who was arriving to attend a riding session, was very distressed.

At the most recent meeting, Sallie Barrett asked for an update regarding concerns about the number of accidents and near misses at the end of her drive.

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Minutes showed that she said there had been another near miss since the previous meeting and the skid marks could be clearly seen.

Coun John Hulse said ward councillor Harrington had spoken to Simon Hobbs, accident investigator at Herefordshire Council, and he was going to contact Mrs Barrett and meet her on site. If she had not received a call by next week, she was to contact Cllr Harrington.


Statistics from show there have been two serious crashes on the road between Green Lane and the turning for Munderfield Harold between 2012 and 2021.

That is on top of three "slight" crashes, with near misses not reported.

Between Bromyard and Bredenbury, a motorcyclist was killed in a crash with a bin lorry earlier this year, and Susan Penelope Legge was killed in a three-car crash.

There is no suggestion speed was a factor in any of these crashes.