HEREFORDSHIRE has been warned of severe cold weather and icy conditions as temperatures are set to fall as low as -8C this week.

Issuing a Level 3 cold weather action alert covering the whole of England, the Met Office said there is a 90 per cent probability of severe cold weather and icy conditions between 6pm on Wednesday (December 7) and 9am on Monday (December 12) in parts of England.

Forecasters said the weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services.


The level three, or amber, cold weather alert was issued on Monday morning and warns of severe conditions in England between 6pm on Wednesday and 9am on Monday, December 12.

The alert requires social and healthcare services to take action to protect high-risk groups.

On Thursday and Friday night, temperatures in Shobdon, near Leominster, could fall to -8C, the Met Office says, with temperatures across the county mainly set to fall to around -4C or -5C.

Daytime temperatures will fail to rise much above freezing, with around 2C or 3C forecast.

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"Rather cold conditions are expected to turn colder across much of the UK later Wednesday and through Thursday as air from the Arctic spreads south across the country," forecasters said.

"Very cold nights are expected, with widespread frosts and potentially severe frosts.

"Daytime temperatures persisting near or just above freezing, with overnight temperatures continuing to trend downwards.

"Wintry showers are also likely to affect some coasts, perhaps pushing into some inland areas at times, bringing a risk of icy patches."


Dr Agostinho Sousa, consultant in public health medicine at the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), said older people and those with heart or lung conditions are particularly at risk from the cold weather, adding: “If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you should heat your home to a temperature that is comfortable for you.

“In rooms you mostly use such as the living room or bedroom, try to heat them to at least 18°C if you can. Keep your bedroom windows closed at night. Wearing several layers of clothing will keep you warmer than one thicker layer.”

The Met Office’s cold weather alert system operates in England from November 1 to March 31, every year, in association with the UKHSA.

The system comprises five levels of response based on cold weather thresholds which are designed to trigger an alert when severe cold weather is likely to significantly affect people’s health.