A MISSING cat has been found more than 600 miles from her Herefordshire home in Scotland's Orkney Islands after running away with the fair.

Little black cat Dexter went missing from her home in The Homend area of Ledbury back in early October last year.

Owners Geoff and Shannon Smith launched a search for her after she failed to return home, hoping that she might have been making herself at home in a nearby house.

Ledbury Reporter: Dexter has been found, thanks to her microchip, in the Orkney Islands. Picture: Shannon SmithDexter has been found, thanks to her microchip, in the Orkney Islands. Picture: Shannon Smith (Image: Shannon Smith)

They took their search to social media and set humane traps in a bid to bring her home as a number of sightings of Dexter were reported in various parts of Ledbury.

Despite the sightings, help of the local community, and the trap, their efforts failed to bring Dexter home and the months passed with no definite news.

But, in an incredible twist, the family have today spoken of their shock after receiving a call to say Dexter had been found... more than 600 miles away in Orkney.

"We had a phone call from a vet surgery who said an elderly lady has had Dexter for the last two weeks," Ms Smith said.


The finder took Dexter, who had been living in her lambing barn, to a vet for a health and chip check and her identity was discovered.

"It shows the importance of a microchip," Ms Smith said.

"She's a little out of Herefordshire... she's on the Orkney islands above Scotland!"

It is believed that Dexter may have hitch hiked all the way to the very north of the UK with the fair, which arrived in Orkney at the same time as she did.

The Mop Fair took place in Ledbury in October, at the same time as Dexter disappeared.

However, the huge distance travelled has raised questions as to what to do now, with the cost of having Dexter brought home potentially running into the thousands.

"We are looking at potential flights and ways my partner can get there, but again that's a lot of money," Ms Smith said.

"She is currently staying with this 85-year-old on her farm and eating haggis and square sausage, so as you can imagine, she is super happy at the moment," Ms Smith said.

Ms Smith said they are still considering their options, with the elderly finder also happy to keep her.

The family said they are "still in a bit of shock", but just glad to hear that Dexter is alive and well.

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