‘Inconsiderate’ parking is causing friction among neighbours in a Herefordshire village.

We reported last week how a lack of parking space in one street in Much Marcle is forcing residents to find alternative places to park, such as grass verges.

But residents of Glebe Orchard say there is also a lack of consideration from some drivers, who leave their cars blocking the access to properties.

“The parking situation is that there are 11 bungalows with one space each,” said resident Michael Croudace. “But when new people move in they are told they can park wherever they like. 

“Me and my partner are disabled and our path is often blocked by a car. It’s causing a lot of tension between the neighbours.”

Ledbury Reporter: Cars are often parked on grass verges and across pavementsCars are often parked on grass verges and across pavements (Image: NQ)

“There’s a lack of consideration. It’s not fair, I suffer from COPD, I’m a pensioner. My partner is disabled as well and when we go out we find there’s a car blocking our disabled path.”

Platform Housing has said it is looking into “a range of options” to improve the parking situation in the street.

“They can’t do much with the central reservation because there are tree roots underneath it and a light there as well,” said Mr Croudace.

'No consideration for disabled people'

“People have no consideration for disabled people and pensioners. They think they can park where they like and do whatever they like.

“I put a note on the one car last week but did they take any notice? No.

“Why should we go the long way around? We are just being ignored. I suffer from COPD and I’m not supposed to get stressed out but this is causing a lot of friction.”

Reader Tilly Mountain said: “I live nearby, and regularly see cars parking inconsiderately.

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“I appreciate there are difficulties locating spaces, I just wish they didn't tear up half the grass when dumping their car anywhere.”

And Edd Hogan said similar problems are happening in other areas, including in Albert Road and Biddulph Way in Ledbury.

“The properties were built with insufficient parking and the landlord seems unwilling to engage in responding to this issue.

“So the parking problems of double parking; parking on junctions or bends; parking on grass verges etc will continue for a long time to come.”