THE Health and Safety Executive will be called in over dangerous building fears in a Herefordshire town, council minutes have revealed.

A number of buildings in Ledbury are in a "poor state of repair", according to minutes from a recent meeting of Ledbury Town Council's economy and tourism committee.

The minutes, which did not identify which buildings councillors are concerned about, said it was noted that certain properties were also unsafe.


But while attempts had been made by Herefordshire Council to contact the owners, the councillors heard, these had so far been unsuccessful.

It was resolved at the meeting that town clerk Angela Price should contact the Health and Safety Executive and the environment officer at Herefordshire Council, who would be in a position to enforce action, to make them aware of the dangers of the unnamed properties.

The committee also resolved that they would consider drafting a conservation area appraisal management plan once the Ledbury neighbourhood development plan is completed.

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