A HEREFORDSHIRE wildlife photographer has created a new product that captures animals in their special and unique moments that we wouldn't otherwise see.

Nick Guy, who lives just outside Ross-on-Wye with his wife Emily and two daughters, worked as a professional cameraman for 20 years, working on global wildlife documentaries for the BBC, Netflix, Apple TV+ and Discovery.

He believes he has filled a gap in the camera trap market with a new product called the Cambush Cube. Traditionally, a camera trap for a big production like Planet Earth II or Living Earth would be bulky, expensive and complex to set up.

However, Cambush has built a camera trap that weighs less than a kilogramme and is just five inches cubed. It’s built around the Sony RX0ii with Zeiss optics, can shoot 4K video, 15.3 megapixel stills and costs the same as a mid-range kayak or mountain bike.


The quality of the film can be used on the big screen, and is made by another family business that is also based in Ross. 

Simple to use in the garden, on hikes, trips and travels, as well as by the film production companies, the new Cubes have been heading from the hills of Herefordshire to all four corners of the globe and are already in action capturing wild animals and birds in Australia, California, Austria, Mexico, Spain, the UK and the USA.  

To find out more, visit cambush.co.uk