Farmers and council workers have been thanked for their role in the return of wild daffodils to parts of the Herefordshire border.

We reported recently on efforts to return the iconic flowers to road verges and footpaths in the Golden Triangle.

Dymock Forest Rural Action, which has help co-ordinate the conservation work, said there are many people to thank for the contributions.

The group’s Chris Bligh and Tim Rickard said: “As well as the work of our volunteers, we should acknowledge the contribution of our conscientious farmers and of our counties’ highways and footpaths departments.

“So much has been achieved simply by flailing our verges and hedgerow bottoms at the right time of the year, when the seed has set.

“The daffodils are our obvious flagship species and, in looking after them, we are also helping to broaden the overall biodiversity of the region.

“This year's magnificent displays are a huge cause for optimism. Now, we have to ensure our biodiversity campaign is further sustained and developed across the entire catchment area of the River Leadon.

“We all have a crucial part to play at the heart of the magnificent Severn Treescapes project co-ordinated by the three county Wildlife Trusts and Forestry England.”