FORMER teacher Simon Lampitt is a keen photographer who likes nothing more than taking photographs and sharing them with other.

He is particularly into American football - a sport he got into after his son started playing.

He also takes the photos for Malvern Walkies which is a Facebook group celebrating the glorious Malvern Hills.

We caught up with Simon to ask him about his hoby which has become his profession:

How did you get into photography?

I got into photography in 1970's, with a 126 Kadak instamatic, I was always taking photo's, sending them off to have developed in the little envelope.

Then my girlfriend got me a Practica SLR, it came with a couple of lenses. I was then taking even more photo's.

But after a while it got a little expensive.

Then along came digital. Digital was good, as you could experiment with shots, lighting, angles, front lit, back lit, the list goes on.

What camera do you use?

I currently Use Canon EOS 750D and EOS 90D for sports shots, I do have another body, I use for landscapes.

I use third party lens, as Canon ones are beyond my budget.

Why are you interested in American football?

I have always been interested in American football, ever since it made its' debut on Channel 4 in the 1980's.

I think it is a game of strategy, a bit like chess, it is also very colourful and at times quite dramatic and intense.

I started photographing American football when my youngest son started playing a few years ago.

I work out of Malvern and currently use SDL Photography as business name.

I am a former teacher of Science; Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Almost an OAP, but not quite.

Currently walk dogs for a living at Malvern Walkies with my good lady wife, and regularly walk to top of the Beacons twice daily.

Also take the majority of photos for Malvern Walkies Facebook page.