MBH Development Director Lee Gough hosted a visit by Ledbury Mayor Helen l’Anson to see clients working hard on their journey to greater independence.

“The Mayor has chosen MBH as one of her charities for the year and I am looking forward to working with her and the local community, to raise funds for the charity. I hope the people and businesses of Ledbury will come and see for themselves the difference we make and perhaps hold some events for us during the year. Local company ABE Ledbury Ltd have supported us for many years and their Managing Director, Clive Brooks, became a trustee of the charity earlier this year bringing his wealth of business experience to provide oversight of MBH Ltd.”

Do look out for the ABE/MBH lorry!

MBH needs to find £8,000 every week, which is a huge challenge for its staff and supporters, especially as it receives no statutory funding from local or national government.

Clients contribute around 25% of the costs with the remainder coming from local fundraising events and charitable trusts and organisations. There are grants available for individuals or families that are struggling financially or they attend free-of-charge, as do children up to three years of age and the first three sessions are free for everyone of any age.

Megan Baker House (MBH) has been operating for over twenty years and is a charity that provides life changing outcomes for children and adults who have a variety of neurological disorders.

Conditions we help include cerebral palsy, dyspraxia, Parkinson’s, stroke, multiple sclerosis and other conditions. Currently 250 people benefit from the specialist services provided, of which 150 attend sessions at the headquarters in Ledbury or at one of five venues around the region as part of project REACHOUT.

The remainder, mostly families, receive support, advice and guidance. The charity also supplies training for teachers who want to learn more about dyspraxia, how it affects their students and ensure that the time spent at school helps students with dyspraxia to reach their full potential.

People learn of the charity by word-of-mouth, social media, visiting the web site or are signposted to MBH by health and teaching professionals.

Anyone can self-refer and will undergo a thorough assessment to determine the potential for improvement and set goals to be achieved throughout the year, on their pathway to independence.

The impressive results are due to its specialist staff and something called conductive education, developed in 1945 at the Peto Institute in Hungary to help children with cerebral palsy, it came to prominence in this country in 1986.

Conductive education allows clients of any age to see themselves as self-reliant, regardless of how many limitations the world tells them they have. MBH has eleven staff including five graduates in conductive education, three classroom assistants, two currently taking the CE degree course .

If you or anyone you know would like to find out more about the sessions, please contact us by phone or email. Following an initial assessment, the CES’ can provide a realistic view of the future for children and adults alike.

Mum had a stroke. “I can’t thank you enough for looking after my mum. She’s trying so hard and without you she would never have got to using a stick. I’m so proud of her and thankful to you all , taxi and wheelchair booked, she’s back on Thursday 🙂”

“From a personal perspective, I’ve treasured the time spent at MBH too. His birth, his difficulties since and the future unknowns have taken a toll. Sue’s positivity and optimism about F has helped me so much, as has being able to see the Conductive Education staff completing exercises that I can copy at home. I cannot thank Sue and Megan Baker House enough for what you have done for us.”

“What you guys can achieve in two hrs is incredible. We definitely need the guidance and support you are providing and we are very thankful. The emotional connection to the person, trauma and situation often blocks parents to see through the process. Thank you for being there for us and supporting us.”