Thomas Winstone is a regular contributor to the camera club.

We spoke to Thomas about his passion for photography.

Thomas, from Brynmawr, said: "I’m a fire fighter with a passion for photography.

"I specialise in low-level military aviation photography, but also have a very keen eye for Wildlife and I also do a lot of nighttime photography which includes bioluminescent plankton, Milky Way, noctilucent clouds, lightning storms and again Wildlife at night, such as badgers and foxes, a few of my images have also been used on SpringWatch and in the press too.

"I also do weddings and corporate work on request but not something I typically push as fire fighting is work enough, that I enjoy the down time of being out with the camera.

"My favourite photo I’ve taken is one of a wild boar piglet in the Forest of Dean. The time and effort to get the photo was as much a reward as the image itself and the experience of being so close to the wild boar and being accepted by them.

"Due to the nature of the type of photography that I do, I have a lot of kit, amassed over a few years, I’ll do anything from wide angle shots of the Milkyway, to long telephoto lens images, ranging up to nearly 600 mm of wildlife and all in between.

"My camera is a Canon R3 mirrorless and lenses include the Sigma's 14mm f1.8 and 50mm f1.4, the canon 70-200mm f2.8 and 400mm f2.8. I use Yongnuo flashes and a Gitzo carbon fibre tripod.

"I started my photography journey when my children were born documenting them as they grew up and realising how good cameras were, I decided to do wildlife and some landscapes, which then followed on to aviation and a few other little bits and bobs.

"As a child I always used to have a camera with me snapping away on holidays or fish that are caught in the river and then in my teenage years I sort of left photography behind so it’s only recently in the last 10 years that I’ve gone back into amateur photography.

"Typically I sell images and prints if someone is interested and have been hired out for birthdays, baby shoot, family portraits, weddings and corporate work. I also do 1-2-1 wildlife workshops with badgers and foxes."

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