DRIVERS are being warned to expect long delays on a main road on the edge of Hereford as a huge project to update and improve electricity supplies starts.

Advanced warning signs have been placed along the A4103 Roman Road, stating that major work will be commencing on July 31, with 'long delays expected'.

Video by Michael Eden.

The rolling programme of excavation will affect roads, footpaths and verges, including parts of the A4103 and A480 in Herefordshire.

Much of the work will be along Roman Road in Hereford, which will be done in sections over six to eight months.

Traffic lights will be in operation during peak times and several bus stops, parking bays and pedestrian crossings will be suspended.


Pedestrians and drivers are being warned of potential disruption during the works, which are being carried out by National Grid Electricity Distribution to install two new high-voltage cables.

National Grid has confirmed that the work will start at the A480 end of Roman Road.

The 11,000V cables are being laid from the Hereford North primary substation to the MoD’s Stirling Lines Camp.

They will enable the Credenhill base to adopt low-carbon technologies, such as solar panels and heat pumps, to meet net zero ambitions.

Residents and landowners affected have been sent letters explaining the impact of the work, which could last for up to 40 weeks. Electricity supplies for customers will not be affected during this time.