EL Dorado Festival rocked Eastnor Castle Deer Park at the weekend with wet weather making an appearance.

Bands rocked and families partied at the festival which was a huge success.

A spokesman for the festival said: "Thank you for bringing your beautiful energy, community spirit and superior vibes this weekend, we couldn’t imagine weathering storms or dominating dancefloors with anyone else.

"Against all odds, it was one helluva party!

"A massive thank you to our amazing crew, staff, suppliers, sponsors, traders, artists and volunteers who worked tirelessly over the weekend, kept the show going throughout the storms and delivered our most memorable El Dorado to date.

"During the course of the weekend it became clear that the festival would be affected by severe weather in the area including thunder and lighting.

"As part of our licence we have a number of industry standard contingency plans in place with a ‘green’ to ‘red’ alert system.

"Over the weekend we entered amber alert several times due to the proximity of the lightning to the festival site, and ultimately entered red alert on both Saturday and Sunday when we had to implement show stops. These occurred between 17.53 and 18.45 on Saturday followed by 17.43 and 18.45 on Sunday.

"As part of this plan, we follow the 30:30 rule which means we have to wait at least 30 minutes following the lightning strike before we can restart the event.

"Thank you for your patience and cooperation during these show stops and bringing your incredible positivity and vibes back into the festival when we reopened."