A company that runs historical tours and medieval experiences wants to raise its own company of archers.

Timequest Medieval Experiences is based at the Verzon House Hotel near Ledbury.

It offers guided tours of castles, battle sites and lesser known archaeological sites, as well as archery, armoured combat and falconry.

Archaeologist and former teacher Richard Jeynes set up the company with other medieval experts - and says there has been immediate interest.

“The tours are aimed more at the American market and we’ve already had some American clients over,” he said.

“We kicked things off last year and we’re still developing. But as soon as the website and the Instagram page were launched we started getting bookings.

“The medieval experiences are more for the UK and local area. We know there’s a big interest in medieval history and there’s a big interest in the re-enactment side of things - Tewkesbury is the biggest re-enactment in Europe and the Battle of Evesham is very popular.

“The third part of what we’re doing is something of a research project - we’re looking at recruiting a company of archers, or men at arms, who will learn the skills of a medieval archer and, ultimately, take part in battle re-enactments.

“The training would be open to all from the age of 16 upward provided they are fit enough to undertake training.”

Timequest is giving members of the public the chance to get a taste of what it does at an open day on October 8.

The free event is taking place at the Verzon House Hotel between 10.30am and 4pm, and will feature archery, amoured combat and falconry.

Before then, you’ll be able to meet the Timequest team in Ledbury as they’ll be taking part in Ledbury Heritage Days on September 16 and 17 - look out for talks on The Medieval Archer.

Richard says it’s pleasing to be working with Ledbury Town Council and with local businesses, as he is in discussions with several about working with Timequest.