A TOWN Trail with information Board has been completed thanks to Sustainable Ledbury.
Sustainable Ledbury were delighted last autumn, to receive grant funding from Severn Trent Community Fund to carry out a specific project on Ledbury Town Trail. 
Volunteers have been working on the stretch between Bridge Street and Woodleigh Road. Cutting back the overgrown vegetation revealed that the ditch running alongside the path was in a sorry state. 
The grant covered the cost of hand tools, plants and an information board.
Over the winter, volunteers worked to dig out the ditch, remove litter, and clear a strip of land along the bank. 
In April they planted 250 native wetland plants along this stretch. 
Work continues to keep the bank clear around the new planting. 
At the end of July, the information board was delivered and installed by Balfour Beatty. There are gas pipes in the area so their professional help was a must.
This project is now complete - or will be when the paperwork is done! 
But work will continue to maintain this stretch of the Trail. Residents have been very supportive and are now asking if Sustainable Ledbury can continue their work on the stretch south of Woodleigh Road. 
Nina Shields, project leader, said :”We’ve had very positive feedback from residents, both when we’re working and via Facebook. 
“We were pleased to see frogs in the spring, and have noticed more birds and butterflies, now the area is getting more light. 
“We hope to cover a longer stretch of the Trail this winter and always welcome new volunteers.’”
You can contact Sustainable Ledbury via email on sustainableledbury@gmail.com.