AN ICONIC fashion emporium in Herefordshire has welcomed a new range of alpaca wool clothing made by a French brand.

Ceci Paolo, on the High Street in Ledbury, is now stocking a collection of jumpers, cardigans, hats, scarves and mittens made from Peruvian alpaca wool, as part of its autumn/winter range.

Ledbury Reporter: There are clothes available in both bright and natural coloursThere are clothes available in both bright and natural colours (Image: Ceci Paolo)

Patricia Harrison, founder of Ceci Paolo, said: "Alpaca yarn is comparatively rare and exclusive compared to other luxury yarns such as cashmere.

"The natural alpaca colours are lovely and soft in natural dark grey, light grey and brown but I have to say that the wool takes dyes wonderfully. 

"The animals and the people involved in creating the wonderful end product are considered throughout and it's a pleasure to be involved with this lovely brand."


The wool is ethically and sustainably farmed from free-range alpacas living in the highlands of the Andes. The alpacas are sheared once a year in spring, and their 'baby wool', which refers not to the age of the animal but the quality of the wool, is used to spin the Peruvian yarn.

The natural colours of the wool range from white to black, with variations in beige, brown and grey. This natural colour variation enables Les Racines du Ciel to make much of its clothing as natural as possibly by avoiding dye, and saving water and energy that are consumed in dyeing processes.

The range is available both in the shop and online.