LAKEFEST rocked Eastnor Deer Park last weekend.

Here, in words and pictures, Barrie Dimond explains what the festival means to him and everyone else who attended.

“Lakefest is more of a feeling than a festival”

Lakefest is everything one would expect from a 21st Century event; a clean, safe, welcoming, well organised affair set in the absolutely stunning surroundings of the Eastor estate.

Lakefest offers excellent value for money, coming in at less than two hundred quid for a five-night event (much less with Early-Birds).

The facilities and camping grounds are, of course, spot-on.

Not only that, but the festival punches way above it weight for the plethora of entertainment offerings available.

The festival delivered a top-notch musical line-up across multiple stages (Johnny Marr, Clean Bandit, McFly, Zutons, et al), oodles of non-music activities (from Wrestling to Stunt Cyclists to Teen Game Zone to Burlesque).

Chock full of excellent Real Ale and Cocktail bars, countless food options, and plenty of big boy and girl activities and scenes.

Importantly, it also remains true to its ethos of being a true family affair.

The kid’s area is extensive, as are all the activities.

It also offers a large fun-fair for all ages.

Its no marketing slogan to state that Lakefest delivers for everyone, irrespective of age and taste.

You can go Posh if you fancy – with great value VIP and Glamping options. It’s a well-established, and highly regarded … of course everything is as it should be, its Lakefest we are talking about here!

But what makes Lakefest unique and such a long-standing Festivals For All favourite? Just one word - ‘PEOPLE’.

Lakefest is more of a feeling than a festival.

Regulars appear to store little Lakefest Love Bombs in their hearts, ready to release every August once they hit those fields.

The bands simply don’t matter, they churn every year.

What gives Lakefest permanence is the sheer quality of its people.

Everyone from the organisers, to the wonderful volunteers and support staff, to the magical audience, they play their part.

It’s a celebration of the human spirit.

There is a vibe, a buzz to Lakefest that you simply can’t buy.

Many festivals try to replicate it, most fail. That atmosphere is what makes a festival; differentiates it from simply ‘bands in a field’. Lakefest produces that special atmosphere in spades.

And it’s wonderful.