POLICE are taking action over anti-social behaviour on a big residential road in Ledbury.

Following reports of anti-social behaviour on Biddulph Way, West Mercia Police have issued an update to say they are working hard to tackle the issues.

According to the police, anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of unacceptable activity that causes harm to an individual, to their community or to their environment.

Examples of anti-social behaviour include:

  • Nuisance, rowdy or inconsiderate neighbours
  • Vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • Street drinking
  • Environmental damage including littering, dumping of rubbish and abandonment of cars
  • Begging and vagrancy
  • Fireworks misuse
  • Inconsiderate or inappropriate use of vehicles

To report anti-social behaviour, you can call 101 or use the online 'Tell Us About' form on the West Mercia Police website at https://www.westmercia.police.uk/tua/tell-us-about/.

Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously by calling 0800 555 111 or by visiting https://crimestoppers-uk.org/.