HEREFORD'S Beefy Boys has launched its own food challenge - and you get to take home a mug if you complete it. 

The 'phat boy platter' consists of two classic burgers, bacon fries, patrami fries, a mega mac balls, corn, and a choice of wings. 

The restaurant says that if you complete it son your own, you'll get a phat boy mug. 


It's the latest in a serious of food initiatives that Hereford diners have launched. 

Bridge 14 offered a huge breakfast challenge in which you would get the £20 offering for free if you completed it within 30 minutes. 

However, the diner decided to scrap the idea after it said it received a lot of hateful comments online, which even included death threats. 

Meanwhile, the Spread pub in King Street has recently launched a bottomless breakfast. 

Costing £10 for adults and £7 for under-10s, the menu has all the traditional trimmings, and we even tried it out ourselves.


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