A SHOP lifter has appeared in court for stealing two sandwiches from Tesco in Hereford.

Darren Saunders, of Woodward Avenue, pleaded guilty to one count of theft from a shop when he appeared at Hereford Magistrates Court earlier this month.

Mark Hambling, prosecuting at the court, said the 32-year-old was asked by staff if he was going to pay for his shopping after he placed sandwiches and crisps in a basket at 10.30pm on April 1.

"He was getting quite upset," said Mr Hambling. 

"He doesn't hand the sandwiches back."


The sandwiches, the court heard, was worth a total of £4, and Mr Hambling asked for a compensation order to be made. 

In defence, Ed Middleton said that his client's response was "hope so" when asked if it was a genuine mistake that he forgot to pay.

"It could have been dealt with by a caution," said Mr Middleton," 

"He lives alone and has not worked for three years. He is unable to cope during the interview process.

"He is somebody who is really living on the breadline."

Mr Middleton added that Saunders' anxiety was set off when he was challenged.

Saunders was handed a six month conditional discharge and said that he does not have to pay any compensation or court costs.

He does, however, have to pay a £26 surcharge set by the Government, which goes towards funding victims of crime."

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