SOME of Herefordshire's train stations have been rated among the worst in the country.

Research has revealed that Leominster station is the second worst in terms of performance over the last six months, with 27 per cent of trains being over 10 minutes late and only 17 per cent arriving on time.

Between 5pm and 6pm each day, 96 per cent of services are delayed or disrupted on average, according to the survey.

Even during the best performing period, between 6am and 7am, 52 per cent of services are hit by delays.


Hereford is also in the bottom 100 performers, with 16 per cent of trains being over 10 minutes late and 45 per cent running without delay.

On average, between 6pm and 7pm only 29 per cent of trains run on time.

Ledbury, meanwhile, fares slightly better, with it being the best performing station in the county. However, it still only ranks at 2,230 for the timeliness of services out of all 2,616 stations in the UK according to On Time Trains, which monitors performance of individual stations.

A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “Ministers have been clear with operators they need to deliver punctual services, keeping delays to a minimum.

“To help make our railways more reliable, it’s crucial unions agree to reforms that will modernise the industry.”

Passengers are entitled to compensation if their trains are delayed by 15 minutes or more via the Delay Repay scheme.

Any claims must be made to the service operator.

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