HEREFORDSHIRE’S most dangerous neighbourhoods have been named in new crime statistics.

According to data from, the overall crime rate of the county in 2022 was 65 crimes per 1,000 people, and the most common crimes were violent and sexual offences, which happened to roughly every 32 out of every 1,000.

In the last three years, 6,153 violence and sexual offences, 2,907 anti-social behaviour instances and 1,314 public order crimes were reported.


The top three most dangerous neighbourhoods in Herefordshire according to the figures were Union Street and Bath Street in Hereford and, Westbury Street in Leominster.

Also in Hereford, Widemarsh Street, Springfield Avenue and Abbotsmead Road are other places that have some of the highest numbers of reported crimes.

Overall in Herefordshire, Leominster is the most dangerous according to the data, with 111 crimes per 1,000 people, making it 71 per cent more dangerous than the rest of the county. The next most dangerous is Hereford with 103 crimes out of every 1,000, with Ross-on-Wye third with 84 crimes per 1,000.

Ledbury is the safest larger town in the county, with only 53 crimes per 1,000, making it 18 per cent safer than the average crime rate in the county.

During the past three years, drug-related crimes, burglaries and shoplifting have decreased, but possession of weapons, robbery and violence and sexual offences have got worse.

Despite this, the statistics also reveal that Herefordshire is among the top 20 safest counties in the UK.

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