A LARGE number of Herefordshire's rural roads are to be improved as part of the Department for Transport’s £2.558m additional investment for highways.

The programme of works, Herefordshire Council say, will begin with patching repair work over the coming months, in preparation for further injection of funding next year that will focus on an extensive surface treatment on areas of the network. 

This is in addition to the council’s annual spend on the A and B classified parts of its road network.

The programme has been developed using asset management processes, including all available data, e.g. surveys and statutory inspections, to select sections of road that are at the optimum point in their life cycle for being surface dressed. 


In addition to considering existing highways drainage issues at sites, it is aimed at preventing these roads from deteriorating to the point where they require expensive resurfacing. 

The works will be carried out by Balfour Beatty Living Places.

Councillor Barry Durkin, Cabinet Member Roads and Regulatory Services, said: “I am delighted to announce this phase as additional investment in our local roads to help address the issue of highway maintenance.

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"The benefits will include longer-lasting and more reliable road surfaces, reduce the instances of reactive maintenance into a planned programmed investment in the network; this will translate to more efficient journeys and less wear and tear on motor vehicles.

“Of course, there is simply not enough funding available to address all of the issues on our overall 2,000 mile road network.  To invest in one area of the county asset, or part of the county, inevitably carries a decision not to carry out repairs in other areas.

"We have listened to feedback from residents, and accordingly have chosen to focus on the county’s C and U roads in order to strengthen and improve these vital links between our local and rural communities.”

Herefordshire Council say the full list of works will be announced shortly.