THE Beefy Boys is reminding people what its phone number is after a number of customers seemingly got through to the wrong person.

Posting on its Facebook page, the popular burger joint said that a worried granddaughter got in touch to let them know that her nan is getting many calls to her landline with booking enquiries.  

"As much as the lovely Jillian would like to help, she's busy enjoying her retirement," said the post.


"Please be careful when giving us a call."

The Beefy Boys confirmed that Jillian has 'been sorted with something special'.

Founded in 2011 by four childhood friends, with a shared passion for quality local produce and American-style burgers, The Beefy Boys have quickly built up a solid reputation as creators of outstanding food in the culinary world.

They now operate three restaurants, with the original Meat Boutique in Hereford's Old Market joined by restaurants in Shrewsbury and Cheltenham.