A FLOOD campaigner will be on TV tomorrow discussing the topic of flood risk.

Mary Long-Dhona, a flood risk and recovery champion, took her Floodmobile demonstration vehicle to the BBC’s Manchester studios for an interview with TV presenter and current Strictly Come Dancing contestant Angela Rippon.

The interview will air tomorrow (Thursday, October 5) at 9.15am as part of the current series of Rip Off Britain.

The team called on national flood resilience specialist Mary to offer practical advice to its viewers on the steps people can take at their properties to help reduce the impact flood water can have. 

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The Floodmobile is a purpose-built demonstration vehicle, designed by Mary, which is managed by West Northamptonshire Council.

It is a ‘flood resilience house on wheels’, packed with around 50 different flood resilience products and measures to show communities at risk of flooding what climate adaptations can be made on their homes. 

It includes everything from flood doors and barriers, to examples of self-closing air bricks, sump pumps, puddle pumps, and different wall and flooring treatments and finishes.

Mary, who is affectionately known as the Queen of Floods, said: “Having been flooded myself on many occasions when I previously lived in Worcester, I’ve since made it my personal mission to help as many people and communities as possible to be flood aware, prepared and resilient.

“I was therefore delighted to travel to the BBC studios with the Floodmobile to show viewers what can be done to make our homes ‘flood ready’. 

“Angela Rippon was delightful and stayed in the Floodmobile chatting to me after the cameras had turned off.

“She was so interested in the work I do to raise awareness of flood risk and keen to find out more about recoverable repair that people can do in their homes.”

For more information on Mary Long-Dhonau OBE or the Floodmobile, visit the Flood Mary website: https://floodmary.com/