AN UPDATE has been issued on planned changes to bin collections in Herefordshire.

In November 2021, it was agreed by Herefordshire Council that, from late 2023, Herefordshire homes would have five bins to deal with, and black bins would only be collected once every three weeks.

But the council has today backtracked on the plans, announcing that rubbish and recycling collections from homes in Herefordshire will remain the same in 2024.   

"Due to the impact of cost-of-living pressures and the uncertainty over funding for councils nationwide, plans for additional waste services including offering homes a food waste collection and separate bins for paper and card will be phased in dependant on further announcements from central government," the spokesperson said.

 "Collection days will remain the same for the time being. Should there be any changes to the services residents will be notified well in advance. "

What was planned?

Herefordshire Council announced in November 2021 that homes in the county would have five bins from late 2023 in the now postponed plans. They were:

• New bin: paper and cardboard will be collected separately in new 240-litre wheelie bins (week one).

• Existing green bin: metals (tins and cans), most plastics (pots, tubs, trays and bottles) and glass (week two).

• Existing black bin: anything that cannot be recycled or put into food waste (week three).

• Food waste: all households will be provided with a new, 23-litre food caddy with liners provided by the council (weekly).

• Garden waste bin: residents can opt for a seasonal garden waste collection (fortnightly).