The ever-popular Mop Fair returned to Ledbury this week - and even the mayor couldn’t resist a ride on the dodgems.

The event, which sees the town centre taken over by a fun fair, takes place every October.

This year’s fair was opened on Monday, October 9 by Ledbury mayor Helen I’Anson and took place over two days.

Cllr I’Anson said: “I had the pleasure of opening the annual October Mop Fair with Rogers Family Funfair providers.

“The charter for the fair goes all the way back to 1138, and the reign of King Stephen and it became a Royal Charter under Queen Elizabeth 1, in 1584.

“It was lovely to have so many people present for the October Fair opening ceremony including the town crier, the deputy mayor of Ledbury, Ledbury town councillors, the mayor of Stourport, the Carnival Prince and Princesses, Herefordshire ward councillors and residents of Ledbury. 

“I hope that everyone who attended the Mop Fair on Monday and Tuesday had a safe and enjoyable time. I certainly had a great time with the deputy mayor on the dodgems ride.”

According to the town council, the Rogers Dance Master ride was originally built as a Noah's Ark ride in 1937 and has been updated over the years to become the Waltzers that make their annual visit to Ledbury.

“Its previous owner was fair organiser Ashley Rogers’ beloved father and he talks with pride about growing up operating this ride,” a spokesperson said.

“This ride has visited Ledbury every year that Rogers have come here, with the exception of 2020 when the fair, sadly, did not go ahead due to the pandemic.

“We look forward to seeing this ride again in the future.”

Ledbury’s mop fair would have originally been a hiring fair.

Farm workers and other labourers would generally work for their employer from October to October.

According to, at the end of their employment workers would attend the mop fair dressed in their Sunday best, carrying the tools of their trade.