FOR Charlie Davis gardening is a passion.

He has turned his passion into a job and we took time out to speak to Charlie about his business.

What is your name?

Charlie Davis

What is the name and address of your business?

CD Gardening. 65 Albert Road, Ledbury, HR8 2DN

What service do you provide?

I would like to say that I am a versatile gardener. It's hard to put yourself into a box as no two jobs are the same, and it always depends on the needs of the customer. But I offer services such as weeding, lawn cutting, hedge trimming, fence and shed painting, and general garden tidying.

What is the most popular service you provide?

I've been fortunate to have a hand in many jobs, not everything has been monotonous which has been a huge advantage of this line of work. But so far general weeding has been the most common job I've been required to do, whether that be clearing up a path, patio, or flowerbeds. This is certainly as it's a very time consuming job which many people just don't have, but a little weeding can go a long way in freshening up an area so I'm always happy to help.

How did you get into gardening?

Gardening has been a passion of mine since childhood. I spent time helping my dad with his allotment and giving my grandparents a hand in their gardens and with their lawns. During lockdown, I spent a lot of time revamping the garden at home, and I think that's where my interest really started to gather pace. Earlier this year, I began working in a few gardens, which is where it started to turn away from being a hobby into something that could be made into something much bigger. Following completing my university degree this summer, I wanted something different, and that's where the business really came about, but there's no way that I would've thought a year ago I'd be self-employed with my own business. It's more something that I ‘stumbled’ into, but I am incredibly passionate about.

What sort of places do you garden at?

I primarily work in residential properties, both small and large gardens, and occasionally taking on commercial spaces, such as I have collaborated with businesses like Busy Bees in Ledbury.

What is the most unusual thing you have been asked for at CD Gardening?

As I mentioned before, no two jobs are the same, which has given me the chance to complete a good variety of jobs, which is something I enjoy. Each garden is different and requires specific care, so I like the variety in what I do. However, one does definitely stand out among the others. I was asked to build a small fence to help stop a pet duck from wandering through a hedge and out of a garden, which is not something you encounter everyday.

What is Ledbury like as a town to operate in?

I operate not just in Ledbury itself but also the many surrounding villages, and the area as a whole is notably rural. This rural setting provides diverse gardens with varying dimensions, making it an ideal place for a gardener as there are multiple opportunities for new ventures. Overall, it's a very pleasant area to be in, and everyone has proved to be very kind and friendly.

Anything else you would like to add?

None of this would've been possible without my family; they've all been so supportive. My parents and grandparents have been incredibly supportive, driving me to various locations as needed and always giving a hand. I owe a special thanks to my dad for his occasional assistance and to my mum, whose encouragement pushed me to start my own gardening business. My girlfriend Sheila has also been a great hand with all of the social media and graphic designing. Their support has made this journey possible, and I am truly thankful to them. Social media is also incredibly useful in this day and age as we all know, I have found utilising it as a business too and having an online presence very helpful. Lastly, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contacted me so far. I've had a fantastic reception, and in this industry, word of mouth is incredibly valuable.