A HEREFORDSHIRE woman has won a prestigious cider award.

Elizabeth Pimblett, director of the Museum of Cider in Hereford and co-founder of Cider Women, has been named by the Campaign for Real Ale as this year’s Pomona Award winner for her commitment and dedication to the cider community.

The award will be presented on Saturday October 14 at 2pm, at the Big Apple Association’s annual celebration of cider and perry, held at Hellens Manor House, Much Marcle, Herefordshire. 

Those who nominated Ms Pimblett described her as a ‘key player’ in Britain's cider community, representing the UK internationally and shining a light on its historical and cultural importance.

She said: “I instantly felt a passion for cider and wanted to explore it further and be part of its revival; we are now seeing a renaissance of this fantastic drink.


“It is a wonderfully inclusive field with fantastic interplay across the world, showcasing specialisms and a vast range of interesting people and products.

“Herefordshire records show a female cider maker active in the 1790s, for instance, and I wanted to celebrate this; to increase representation and help women step out of the shadows and develop in confidence.

“After all, women have been involved in cider production and in consuming it probably since cider began.”

Ms Pimblett was one of the founding members and original co-chair of Cider Women. A group celebrating women involved in all aspects of cider, spanning production, sales, education and advocacy.  

Andrea Briers, who oversees CAMRA’s Pomona Award said: “Elizabeth is a true champion of cider and perry and I am delighted to give the Pomona Award to her. 

“Elizabeth has shown unwavering dedication to researching and educating about the fascinating role of cider across the centuries.

“This has led to vital learning about its beginnings, including its rich social historical importance, while she has been at the heart of the new wave of cider producers.            

“She has also played a key role in promoting the role of women across the industry through creating, driving and celebrating Cider Women.

“Her passion for cider and perry makes Elizabeth a worthy winner, while she continues with her remarkable work.”