The speed limit on a stretch of road around a Herefordshire town is to be cut from 60 to 40mph.

The restriction will apply to a roughly one-kilometre stretch of the A417 Leadon Way south of Ledbury, running eastward from the new roundabout serving the Hawk Rise development, to immediately beyond the Gloucester Road “swallows” roundabout.

This is according to a decision taken by Herefordshire Council in late July but only published this month.


Currently the national speed limit of 60mph applies to the road, which is also referred to as being part of the A449.

Another roundabout is planned at around halfway along the stretch to serve the planned eastward extension of the Hawk Rise development, plans with the decision show.


The council said it carried out consultations on the proposal last year with stakeholders and the public, which drew no objections.

“Not to implement the extension of the 40mph speed limit would be in contravention to the wishes of the parish council, local member and local residents,” the council’s decision said.

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The restriction will be backed with “high-profile” signs at either end, repeater signs in between, and road markings, it added.

The Ledbury Way bypass westward from the Hawk Rise roundabout to the Full Pitcher roundabout, the junction with the Ross Road, is already limited to 40mph.

The estimated £15,000 cost of putting the new measures in place will be met by the developer, believed to be Barratt Homes, as part of a prior agreement with the council.