A HEREFORDSHIRE postmaster has spoken out over Government plans to remove DVLA services from Post Offices.

Kington postmaster Tim Allen has joined the National Federation of SubPostmasters and MP Marion Fellows (SNP), Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Post Offices, to on the Government to reverse their decision.

In a shock move earlier this year, the Government announced its decision to remove all DVLA services from March 31, 2024, a move which the Post Office says will hit vulnerable and digitally excluded customers and jeopardise the livelihood of 50,000 full-time equivalent employees who work in the post offices around the UK.


The federation haslaunched a campaign to raise awareness and a petition to collect signatures called “Prevent Government from removing DVLA services from the post office from April 2024’.

Members of the public can sign the petition here or sign the offline petition at their local post office.

Across the UK, currently six million customers access DVLA services across Post Office counters, the Post Office said. Half of those pay in cash.

Postmaster Tim Allen, who owns a Post Office in Kington, Herefordshire, said: “The opportunity that Post Offices provide to serve older, disabled, poorer and digitally excluded members of our society is being squandered. DVLA being withdrawn from us is yet another example of little or no consideration being given by Government departments to fully consider the impact of their decisions on important groups of people in our diverse and aging population.

"Many of the customers who come to us to renew their vehicle tax are unable to do it online. Government seems to think it’s a choice, but for many it isn’t. There is a huge list of services we have already lost including TV Licenses, Premium Bonds, bus passes, HMRC personal tax payments, pensions and benefits and even fishing licences.

"We should provide the public with the ability to fully interact with government, banks and all utilities when they have a bill they need to pay and do not want to do it online.

"The internet was only invented in 1992 and it was 1994 before it had 10 million users globally. Everyone over the age of 30 was born before the internet existed and to expect 100 per cent use compliance is absurd. We have, every day, “young” 70- and 80-year-olds who are terrified of the prospect of not being able to pay their bills with us.”

MP Marion Fellows said withdrawing DVLA services from sub-post offices is unacceptable. 

“The Tory administration in Westminster has previously said that post offices would be the 'front office' of government in communities across the UK, yet this action is the opposite of that," she said.

“Many elderly people, or people with a disability, or people who are digitally excluded, need to use cash, and need face-to-face local services. Post offices provide this, and the UK government should be supporting that, not undermining it.”

The federation hopes to present a significant amount of signatures to Government and MPs on November 2.