REPORTING on all the goings on in Herefordshire is hungry work, so I was pretty chuffed when I found out that the Beefy Boys food truck would be setting up only five minutes away from the Hereford Times office.

Fancying an early lunch, I showed up just before midday. I was surprised that there wasn’t much of a queue, so I didn't have to wait long to order my meal. 


I treated myself to bacon fries and a blue boy burger, which cost me £16.50.

The truck was hosted by HR4K, a coffee shop and lifestyle company founded by a group of former SAS soldiers back in 2016. I’d heard of them before, but I’d never had a chance to check out their premises, and I’ve got to admit it was seriously cool.

The place looked nothing like your usual coffee shop, instead going for a unique grungy and industrial vibe, complete with free-standing motorbikes.

I didn’t have too long to look around, however, as within ten minutes my meal was served.


While HR4K had provided seating for people to enjoy their burgers, I had an important story to get back to, so my lunch took a quick ride in the passenger seat before arriving at its final destination.

The first thing I noticed was that there was no dip in quality when compared to the brick-and-mortar Beefy Boys restaurants.

Ledbury Reporter:

The bacon fries were fantastic, with great crispy bacon and bacon bits, but my favourite part is always the signature bacconaise sauce, which I could probably drink by the gallon if I had the opportunity and less dignity.

The burger was brilliant too, oozing with blue cheese, American cheese and blue cheese mayo.  The inclusion of pickled jalapenos and red onions added a bit of spice and meant that the generous amounts of cheese were not overpowering, giving the burger a more complex flavour.

The 100% Hereford beef patties were of the same high standard that I’ve come to expect from the Beefy Boys, and Peter Cook’s semi-brioche buns were as excellent as always.

So, if the Beefy Boys truck rolls up outside your home or place of work, you can be sure that the grub will be just as good as what they serve at the restaurants.