THE chain bakery Greggs is a lunchtime saviour across the UK, keeping the population well stocked in pastry and sandwiches for many years. This is no different in Herefordshire, where we are so fond of the place that we have six branches around the county. But which one is the best?

Greggs recently opened a brand-new bakery in Rotherwas, Hereford, to the delight of huge crowds who flocked to the branch to queue up for lunch on its opening day.

Here is a ranking of the Greggs bakeries in Herefordshire, according to Google reviews. As it is still so new, the Rotherwas branch has not yet made the list.

Ross-on-Wye Broad Street – 3.8/5

Coming in as the worst-reviewed Greggs in the county, this bakery in Ross-on-Wye town centre has had the least positive reviews. Reviewers said that the small size of the shop meant a limited selection, with some people criticising the pizzas and coffees.

Tom Ford wrote a Google review saying: “Very small Greggs on the high street with parking outside. Not a lot of selection as per other bigger Greggs shops but still enough of the basics. It has two tills, and you can use the Greggs app in this shop.”

Angus Davidson reviewed his pepperoni pizza slice: “Came here to have a quick lunch. After 30 seconds of looking, I went for the pepperoni pizza. I didn’t have huge expectations and the taste was good, but the pizza was tough. Overall, I was disappointed, and I wouldn’t recommend the pizza.”

However, some people could see the positive and gave higher ratings. Dayna Cooper left a five-star review saying: “Fantastic staff. With customer service like that they’ll get my business over and over again!”

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Ross-on-Wye Trunk Road – 4/5

The better-reviewed of the two Greggs in Ross-on-Wye, the branch inside the Ross Spur petrol station comes in fourth. Customers described this as a handy pit-stop on their journeys, as it is situated near the M50. However, not all of the reviews of the food were quite so positive.

Janice Jackson said: “We called here early on Sunday morning for a quick breakfast and ordered bacon rolls which very poor. Normally Greggs bacon rolls are very good but here not so. We didn’t complain as we were travelling, and I know it doesn’t cost much.”

However, Graham Rees described the bakery as “a welcome break from driving” and complimented the “really new fresh toilets” in the Spur.

Ledbury High Street – 4.1/5

Reviewers praised the staff’s customer service and efficiency at this bakery on the Ledbury High Street. However, many highlighted that the food is often not fresh out of the oven, having gone a bit cold.

Phil Bell wrote in his review: “The staff are nice. But they need to find a way to keep the food warm.”

Debbie Clueit was a fan of the coffee, writing: “I use Greggs most days for coffee. I have to say how lovely and efficient the staff are, always friendly. Would highly recommend.”

Less enthusiastic however was Colin Herbert who complained: “When you cannot get an order of a sausage and omelette roll right, find another job that does not involve dealing with the public.”

Hereford Broad Street – 4.2/5

Coming in at second is one of the Hereford Greggs branches on Broad Street. This bakery has had huge numbers of glowing reviews for its food and staff, with only a handful of critics.

Michelle James wrote: “My cheese and onion slice and custard doughnut were fresh and nice, and the lattes and hot chocolates are nice. The only downside was the bin was full and no napkins.”

Dawn Macleod’s review was also positive: “A lady served a breakfast roll and cuppa. It was the best butty ever. She put butter on it and when I asked can we have just a little sauce on the roll she did, and it was not swimming in it. It was just fantastic.”

However, Brian Hayward-Hughes said: “The bacon bap was not good. Bacon dried out and over cooked so much that it cracked.”


Hereford Commercial Street – 4.3/5

In the top spot is the Commercial Street bakery in Hereford, with plenty of positive reviews.

Max Dontenville reviewed his meal, writing: “Lovely food and great prices.”

Karl Stevens complimented the sausage rolls while Cheryl Nethersole said the staff were brilliant.

Reviewing one of the seasonal offerings, Darius Parker said: “Very friendly staff and well-made pumpkin spice latte!”

It looks as though this is the place to be if you’re after the best Greggs experience… but it will be interesting to see how the Rotherwas branch gets on in comparison.