A HEREFORD man wore a studded glove in a city nightclub, a court has heard.

Prosecuting solicitor Mark Hambling told Hereford Magistrates Court that Rares Matei, of Eign Street, wore the item at the Venue, in Gaol Street, on November 27.

"He was asked to leave the club by his friends and it got ugly," said Mr Hambling.

"He stormed out. Security staff engaged with him and he had a fingerless glove on his hand. 

"It's like a motorbike glove but has incursions between the fingers. The studs are metallic."


Mr Hambling added that the 23-year-old did not threaten the security staff, and had his hands in his pocket.

"He doesn't make any comments in interview," he said. 

In defence, Marilena Di Vitantonio said her client wore the glove for his own protection after previously being assaulted, but doesn't think he would have actually used it.

"It was to scare somebody off if confronted," said Miss Di Vitantonio.

"Since his arrest, he hasn't been in trouble. He is self-employed with a partner and child, and a child on the way."

Matei pleaded guilty to one count of possessing an offensive weapon in a public place.

He was fined Matei £1,000 and told him to pay court costs of £185 and a victim surcharge of £400 respectively. The glove will also have to be destroyed.