A planned new pub in a Herefordshire town faces local opposition to its bid for an alcohol licence.

The Weavers is due to open on Ledbury’s New Street, and if granted, the licence would enable it to stay open until midnight seven days a week.

But the spot is unsafe, according to an objection from one unnamed local, apparently a neighbour.


“The entrance to the property opens directly onto a small pavement, a narrow road and traffic lights,” they wrote in their submission to county licensers.

“We are well aware of the cars racing to go through the lights and the congestion that regularly happens with pedestrians using this small pavement area.”

The resident raised several issues around access, security and noise, adding: “One has to question the need for another licensed premises given that there are three others within fifty yards.”


Following extensive correspondence with the objector via his agent, the applicant has offered to extend CCTV coverage to a passageway to the side of the premises, and undertook not to “bottle up” (re-stock) between 8pm and 11am.

Given the concern over the application, it has been passed to Herefordshire Council’s licensing subcommittee to decide on next Monday (November 13).

A decision is meanwhile awaited on a planning application to permit change of the premises’ use from a shop. No public objections to this have yet been published.