IF you are having problems with moles ruining your lawn or you have an unwanted wasps nest why not call Scott Smale at Mole Masters Hereford Pest Control.

Scott has been chasing moles for over 20 years but a year ago he decided to turn his hobby into a profession and launched his company Mole Masters.

The 47-year-old is so good at his job he once cleared 787 moles from a 400 acre farm.

"There is also a lot of bed bugs at the moment. People bring them back with them from the continent.

"I use special chemical spray to clear bed bugs."

He is based in Hereford and covers Ledbury.

"I had a swarm of bees to remove and re-home that had settled in a gentleman's car bonnet.

"I got in to pest control by being very interested in wildlife and growing up on a farm.

"One day in secondary school the teacher who was are science teacher said anyone who wants to learn how to catch a mole please stay after school.

"We had mole doing a lot of damage to the school lawn.

"After that I used to trap for my uncle and he would pay me £5 pounds a mole.

"And I trapped for other farmers.

"I do a lot of mole control for people s lawns.sports grounds, horse paddocks and farmland.

"I love working in the countryside and I like working in small towns like Ledbury .

"I do a lot of wasp nests in the spring to autumn - in one week this summer I did 87 .

"I control rats mice and all insects.

"We are doing a lot of cluster flies this time of year.you get them in lofts."

If you have a pest which needs controlling please call Scott on 07946482446 or visit molemastershereford.co.uk