A TORNADO warning has been issued for Herefordshire as Storm Debi batters Ireland and parts of England and Wales.

The 'tornado watch' warning, which covers a swathe of the UK including Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, northern England, the Midlands, East Anglia, and most of Wales, has been issued by the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation, a privately-supported research body.

The organisation said the possibility of tornados comes as Storm Debi moves over the UK this morning (November 13) after hitting Ireland overnight. 


"The highest chance would appear to be in a line from SW RoI, through parts of mid/N Wales into the Midlands and eastern England, near the triple point of the system," the organisation said.

"However, the box is somewhat larger, just to cater for the chance of development elsewhere."

The tornado watch warning will remain in force until noon today. 

The Met Office has issued weather warnings for Britain today, but these do not cover Herefordshire. 

According to forecasters, Herefordshire will today see a cloudy and wet start, with heavy rain moving northeastwards.

Winds will strengthen through the morning and remain strong into the afternoon, with sunnier spells and the risk of a few showers later in the day.