Festival theatre Chloe Garner continues her diary.

It is the last day of the Festival. Only three events to go and we will have put on 65 events, not including workshops and impromptu extras, over ten days!

I feel exhausted. But at least the sun has really smiled on us at last.

The extreme walkers on the Malvern Hills wrote loads of poetry and were treated to a gorgous sun rise at about 4am (I am told) as their reward for making it through the dark night.

The breakfast under the market house could be smelled at Top Cross at least and very delicious it was too, thanks to Café Sez and Pascale who must have been cooking all night while our poets walked.

Buzzing! put smiles on lots of faces and lots of happy children made friends with lots of garden creepy crawlies.

People are looking forward to the after-show party which traditionally marks the last night of the Festival, when we can finally relax and unwind.

But that moment is not upon us yet and it is not a good idea to get too complacent - things can still go wrong! Especially when you are tired!