A Christmas party and concert will be hosted by a heart attack survivor to raise money for the British Heart Foundation (BHF).

Dave Beale, a 69-year-old musician from Herefordshire, suffered a heart attack in the middle of a set, and is holding the event to mark a year since his collapse.

Mr Beale is a diabetic, and alongside the fundraising, he wants to raise awareness about the connection between type 2 diabetes and heart issues.



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He said: "I didn’t take care of myself or attempt to control it – but no-one really sat me down to explain the risks either."

In December last year, during a set break at a fundraising event for the West Midlands Air Ambulance at Bromyard Cricket Club, Mr Beale collapsed.

His wife, Diane, recalled how she "froze" as she was watching from the audience.

Ledbury Reporter: Mr Beale pictured with his wife, Diane

"Our daughter and her husband thought he was having a hypo from his diabetes so they were pouring sugary drinks into him – but I knew this was no hypo," she said.

After his heart attack, Mr Beale was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed in dire need of triple bypass surgery, which he received in January this year.

During his stay, he was advised by his consultant to control his diabetes, which ultimately led to a four-and-a-half stone weight loss, and taking medication to manage his diabetes.

He said: "When you think you’re going to die it opens your eyes a bit.

"I didn’t listen as hard as I could have when I was first diagnosed - I thought I was healthy, but I know more now."

Karen Robinson, BHF's fundraising manager for Herefordshire, said: "With help from people like Dave who is doing an amazing job raising money as well as helping us raise awareness for our Christmas campaign, we can get a step closer to breakthroughs that could help save and improve millions of lives and outsmart heart disease for good."

Dave’s Christmas party and concert will start at 8pm on Saturday, December 16, at Bromyard Cricket Club.

Donations can be made to support the 'A Gift that Keeps on Living' campaign by visiting bhf.org.uk/Christmas.