Funds are being raised to install a defibrillator in memory of a Ledbury man who died after a night out in the town.

A fundraiser has been started by Perkins Brothers Garage in memory of Paul Elliott, who was a close friend of all at the company.

On the night of his death, Paul’s friends battled to save his life - including using the defibrillator that is kept at the Almshouses, near the war memorial in High Street.

Chris Perkins said seeing the open and empty defibrillator box in the days after Paul’s death was a “sobering sight”.

“I went to the Christmas lights switch-on and it hit me - of course, it’s been used and has to be checked and everything but I don’t know how long that takes and what happens if someone needs it in the meantime?” said Chris. “It does make you think.

“We are perhaps even more aware of how important defibrillators are - my mum was technically dead for four minutes, 13 years ago.

“She was at a caravan site w,ith my dad, said ‘I don’t feel very well’ and collapsed. Luckily a paramedic happened to be driving past and they managed to get her back - and she’s fighting fit now.”

Chris has added the defibrillators at the leisure centre, Tesco and Screwfix to Google Maps and is raising the money to install one at the garage in New Street.

“We think it is a great location, it’s easy to get to, there is parking 24/7 and it is surrounded by housing on all sides and is close to main housing estates, so it could be a valuable lifeline for someone,” he said.

“We are more than happy to pay for the siting of the unit, the general upkeep and the electricity bill that comes with the unit to keep it lit up, charged and warm during cold weather, but as a new business we just can’t afford the cost of the unit itself.”

A charity has donated half of the funding, leaving Perkins Brothers to raise the other £900.

Chris said he has been “blown away” by the response, which has seen more than £600 donated already, as well as offers by electricians to install and wire up the life-saving kit.

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